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Program Features

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dataHQ downloading all exchanges


dataHQ's easy to use interface means you update all the data you are subscribed to with the one mouse click.

The program shows the last update information and will automatically get any data you are missing. So it does not matter if you have not downloaded for one day or one week, dataHQ knows which data to update.

dataHQ allows you to subscribe to multiple exchanges. Currently data subscriptions are available for the ASX, SGX and US Exchanges.

ASX data includes all ASX Equities, Indices, Warrants, Exchange Traded Options and Interest Bearing Deposits.

SGX data includes all SGX Equities and Indices.

US Equities includes Equities listed on Amex, NYSE, Nasdaq OTC and includes data for the major US Indices.

There are four geographically separate data servers so if there are computer or communication problems in one area the remaining operational data servers will feed through the data.

5 exchanges completed in 7 mins

dataHQ Updates

dataHQ updates are fast, no more waiting 10 to 15 minutes for just the ASX data to be updated. You'll be pleasantly surprised with the programs update speed.

dataHQ can handle data splits and reconstructions, name changes and can clean out old expired securities and it does this with no intervention from you, it keeps the data clean as part of the download process.

Once the data update is complete your ready to open your charting package.

status of various data sources

dataHQ Status

The dataHQ status page shows you which data is available for download, the status page dynamically updates the time, market status and the data status.

When the data is available you just click the update button and datahq does the rest.

dataHQ bulletin page

dataHQ Bulletin Page

The dataHQ bulletin page keeps you to to date with all the market changes that occur to the data.

Changes that are reported include:

  • Company Name changes
  • Exchange Code changes
  • Splits
  • Reconstructions
  • Delistings

largest movers for the ASX100 and total ASX

Top Movers

This page shows the biggest movers (+ or -) by % change for the ASX Top 100 and the biggest movers for the total ASX, keeping you up to date with the securities that have experienced be biggest moves.

Custom Folders
custom folders for more powerful explorations

Custom Folders

dataHQ allows you to create custom folders, a custom folder contains the constituents of a particular market sector or group of shares. It allows your charting software to easily access the data you are most interested in analysing.

There are many default custom folders datahq can make and dataHQ also allows you to make your own custom folder(s) if you wish.

There are custom folders available for the ASX and SGX.

NB making custom folders will increase the update time as dataHQ will have an increased number of securities to update.

configuration window


dataHQ's configuration page holds your dataHQ username and password, these details are used to check your subscription details.

You can also tell dataHQ which ASX data you want updated, if you are not interested in Warrants for example you can switch off that option, which will further decrease the update time.

backup or redistribute your data

dataHQ Maintenance

The dataHQ maintenance page allows you to backup\restore your ASX database with a simple button click. This feature allows you to take a "snapshot" of your data, so should you accidentally delete some of your data, the backup can be restored within a few minutes.

Once you have restored your data, dataHQ will automatically update any data your database is missing. We recommend you do a backup once a month to ensure our servers have the data available for you to download (The download servers only hold data for 3 months, if you require data before that you will need to install a new data history).

The maintenance page also has a redistribute feature so if you are part way through a download a you experience a power black out you may need to tell dataHQ to re-download the data again. This process is as simple as setting a date and clicking on the redistribute button. dataHQ will re-fetch the data you require.

support details

dataHQ Support

Unclear on the update process? Do you have a question about our data? The support page gives this information and shows our contact details should you need further assistance.

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